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The term Wagyu is a generic label applied to all types of beef produced in Japan. There are four main cattle types used for the production of this high-quality beef. The Wagyu beef most commonly used in restaurants today is combination of several native breeds to produce a meat that has exceptional fat marbling to promote excellent flavour and texture in the finished product.

Kobe beef, a type of Wagyu that is highly desired by steak lovers worldwide, is highly regulated and can only be raised in a specific region of Japan and under strict conditions.

The process of rearing cattle for Wagyu beef is extremely laborious and costly. In Japan, all cattle that qualifies for labelling as Wagyu must be both raised and fed according to very strict established standards.


While breeding stock and expecting mothers graze on pastureland, their calves are fed a unique blend of feed that has been specifically formulated to promote the optimal amount of marbling. While still in their infancy, Wagyu calves are handfed a milk replacer. To stave off any chill, they are robed in plush jackets during bouts of inclement weather.


At the age of seven months, the Wagyu calves are moved from their home to fattening farms. Here, their diet is changed, and they are pampered until they reach a weight of 700 kg.


Prior to its slaughter, each Wagyu cow receives a birth certificate which is a means to trace the animal’s bloodline back to its original home.

The focus of the cuisine at Alley is traditional Japanese BBQ. Each of our dishes is handcrafted from the finest, locally sourced ingredients. Among the most popular dishes found at our Richmond restaurant include wagyu beef sashimi, Taiwanese sausage, ginger barbecue pork rice, kimchi, and Hokkaido scallops.

Though reservations are not required to enjoy meal at Alley BBQ, it is suggested that you call the restaurant ahead of time to secure a table for parties larger than four.

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